How to Sell on JostPay

We have two different options to sell your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash or Perfect money.

  • You can sell directly to JostPay company using the send money link in your account.

  • OR

  • You can sell via jostpay market place. See the steps below to sell using our market place.

How to sell using jostpay market place

  • Login to your account on jostpay or register a new account and verify your account

  • Click on ‘Sell’ link in dashboard

  • Decide which cryptocurrency you wish to sell e.g Sell bitcoin, Sell litecoin or Sell Bitcoin Cash

  • Find and select your preferred trader from the list by clicking on the 'Sell Now' button

  • Go through the trader’s terms and make sure it suits you

  • Input the amount of cryptocurrency you want to sell

  • Input your bank account details

  • Proceed by clicking 'Send Request'

Your request will be sent to the selected trader for approval. Note that, trader can either accept or reject your sell request.

If your request is accepted, you will receive an email and sms notification. You need to check your email for instructions. See the email sample which you will receive after your request has been accepted.

You are required to send the exact amount to the cryptocurrency address displayed in the email.

WARNING: you must NOT send cryptocurrency to any address directly given to you by a trader. it is an offence for a trader to send their cryptocurrency address to you, such traders are suspended immediately if reported. Jostpay serves as the middleman which receives the cryptocurrency on traders behalf and notify trader to process payment into seller bank account.

Jostpay will NOT be responsible for any loss caused by ignorance or negligence to our warning

As soon as you send the exact amount of cryptocurrency to the generated address sent to your email, you will receive a “ Transfer Received Notice ” via your registered email and sms after your payment has been received by JostPay, see the email sample below

Note that, this notification is just to inform you that we have received your cryptocurrency but it has NOT been confirmed yet in the blockchain, so you need to exercise little patience till your transfer is confirmed.

As soon as your transfer is confirmed, we will notify you again via email and sms that your transfer is confirmed and you are required to contact the trader via phone to expedite the completion of your transfer to bank. see the email sample you will receive below

As soon as trader credit your bank account, make sure you confirm the money by logging into your account via internet banking and confirm the credit from the trader. Once you have confirmed the funds, you are required to release the cryptocurrency into trader account. ( Remember, you sent the cryptocurrency to jostpay address, so you need to release the cryptocurrency to trader account )

To release the cryptocurrency, login to your jostpay account, click on Buy/Sell Request, locate the order ID and click on Action Button and select the Release button. Note that if traders fails to credit your bank, you must NOT click on the Release button, you should report such trader directly to jostpay. After investigation and your claims are true, we will refund cryptocurrency back into your account. More so, we suspend such trader immediately.
See the sample screenshot below.

You are required to rate the trader after you clicked on release button. JostPay Market Place is 100% secured if you abide by the procedures. No one can defraud you on jostpay, we do standard authentication for all users, start using jostpay market place to sell bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash.