• BTC/USD = $7,704.75
    BTC/NGN = ₦2,465,521.23

  • PM($)/NGN = ₦300.00
    BTC($)/NGN = ₦320.00

  • Bitcoin Block Height


Money Doesn’t Come Without Guidence ...

Jostpay on the Bitcoin fork

You must have been hearing the news going round about a fork – a Bitcoin fork.

What the fork denote is that, there is a possibility of Bitcoin splitting into two. The disintegration of the Bitcoin is likely to take effect on August 1, 2017.

The splits forming a rival currency in Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

If the bitcoin fork occur on the proposed date, which is August 1, 2017. We might be stopping Bitcoin transfers for our users occasionally, as we would like to monitor market activities and developments.

However, it is important to know that Jostpay will NOTsupport any other Bitcoin disintegration until further notice. As we will also need to monitor its acceptance, its volatility and its value.

Below are takeaways from this article:
  1.          We remain FULLY supportive of the original Bitcoin (BTC)
  2.            We will be stopping Bitcoin transfers briefly, so as to monitor developments in the market.
  3.          Jostpay do NOT support Bitcoin Cash (BCC)
  4.          Users that wish to continue using Bitcoin (BTC) will not be affected by the fork  
  5.      Users’ funds are safe and secure on the Jostpay platform

Thanks for using Jostpay.

Introducing Flexible Miner Charges

On our never ending journey to improve our product, we discovered how introducing a flexible miner charge can bring so much understanding and power to you when transacting via your bitcoin wallet on the Jostpay Platform.
Over the past few months, Bitcoin value increased drastically thereby making it hard for smaller USD/BTC values to be confirmed into the blockchain. The reason for this delay in confirmation was due to the fact that miner charges also increased thereby NOT favoring smaller amount.

For example, for a median transaction of 226 byte; lets say 5$ worth of bitcoins, you will pay up to 1.9$ - 2.01$ as miner fee. This is quite much but this value is very minute when compared with bitcoin.

In the course of this drastic miner increment, Jostpay allow her users to select up to 10 different preferred miner fee and confirmation time frame based on how long a user can wait. You can select as low as 0.01$ to send 5$ provided you can wait for as much time as possible. The power is now in your hands!

In case you do not have a bitcoin account yet, you can create a personal bitcoin account here - New Bitcoin Wallet


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Beware of Fraudulent Email Linking You To Our No-Reply@InstantExchangers.net Email Address

Dear Customer,

Please be watchful for a fraudulent email directing you to subscribe or unsubscribe for a ‘GuaranteedTrust Customer Digest Monthly Bulletin’.
This email has been fraudulently linked to our no-reply@instantexchangers.net email address. Please understand that InstantExchangers will never ask that you click a link, submitting your bank account details (BVN, Credit Card Number, Security Pin, or any passwords attached with your bank) in the process.
This is an attempt by criminals to hijack your bank account. We therefore urge that you to disregard this email attempt by criminals to take your hard-earned money away from you!
Safe regards,
Technical Team

So You Think You Can Code? We're Hiring!

We are seeking for a vast and experienced developer conversant with web and mobile application development platforms.
He/She must be smart and good at coding, graphics design, detecting website vulnerability-enhancing security existing website.
Are you passionate about web development and technology related activities?
If you think you are innovative, inspiring, open minded and most of all creative enough to bring our brand into a new light, then we are ready to employ you.

We know you are excited about the idea of joining a passionate, smart and talented team with a culture of innovation and big thinking.
This is your opportunity!

Job Summary:
  • Developing of new websites, web-based and mobile applications.
  • Modifying and maintaining existing websites, web-based and mobile applications. 
  • Application vulnerability testing and security enhancement.
  • GUI and graphics design.
  • Application deployment.
  • Documentation, application prototyping, algorithm development
  • Other related tasks.    
Job Requirements: 
  • Proficiency and experience in web scripting languages especially; CSS, HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY, AJAX.
  • Graphics design skills
  • Proficiency and experience in database administration; MySQL
  • Proficiency and experience in the use of CMS and MVC frameworks; CODEIGNITER, MONGODB, NODE.JS, JOOMLA, WORDPRESS
  • Proficiency and experience in mobile development platforms like PHONEGAP for WINDOWS 8 OS, ANDRIOD OS, IOS and BLACKBERRY.
  • Application and Network Security.
  • Proficiency in ASP.NET will be an added advantage.
Soft Skills
  • Team work and good communication skills.
  • Project and algorithm design skills.
  • Critical thinking ability.
  • Self-reliance
  • Ability to work under little or no supervision 
Job Qualification
  • Not more than 26 years of age at the time of application
  • Must have completed NYSC
  • A Bachelor’s Degree will be preferred
  • Has a minimum of 3-5 years experience as a seasoned application developer
  • Has at least a portfolio of 5 completed website/web application projects and 2 completed mobile applications
Selection Details:
Qualified candidates will initially be assessed based on submitted curriculum vitae and verified project portfolio. Successful candidates will then be given a simple task to complete and submit. The task will be assessed and ONLY successful candidates will be invited for an interview.

CV & Project Portfolio are to be forwarded to richard.oyome@jostpay.com  

Jostpay's Bitcoin Education

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a kind of money or peer-to-peer payment system that is digitally created and handled through encryption techniques with transactions taking place without any intermediary. 
Transactions are confirmed though, by network nodes, documented in a public ledger which is called the Blockchain.

Bitcoin is also a digital or virtual type of money. Digital in the sense that, it is not printed like your Naira or Dollar. Virtual in the sense that, it is not physically felt or produced like other commodities that can serve as a medium of exchange, store of value and unit of account.

What Makes Bitcoin, Money?
The same things that make your money, money; are the exact same things that make bitcoin, money. We must understand that 'money' is not limited to our fiat currencies alone. Money can be anything. Anything that can perform the main functions of money can be used as 'money'.
Bitcoin can used as a ‘Medium of Exchange’, as a ‘Store of value’ and as a ‘Unit of account’. These are the three main functions of money, according to modern economics.

What is the Blockchain?
Blockchain is the technology behind the Bitcoin phenomenon. It is a public ledger where Bitcoin transactions are confirmed and documented by Bitcoin miners.

Who Created Bitcoin?
The inventor of the bitcoin is still largely unverified. The name used as alias by the person who invented the Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. “Satoshi Nakamoto” published a paper on a The Cryptography Mailing list, describing the digital currency.

When was Bitcoin Invented?
Satoshi, in October 2008 published the paper detailing the Bitcoin currency. January 2009, he released the first Bitcoin software that started the network.

How Is Bitcoin created?
Bitcoin is created through an activity called mining. Mining is when new bitcoins are generated by a competitive and decentralized process. Individuals who engaged in this activity are rewarded by the network for their services. Bitcoin miners are managing transactions and securing the network using specialized hardware and are rewarded with new bitcoins in exchange.

Who can use Bitcoin?
You. Anyone can.

How can I own Bitcoin?
You can choose to become a miner to own Bitcoin or you could exchange your local fiat currency to Bitcoin through an Exchange company. E.g. InstantExchangers

Where do I keep my Bitcoin?
Like you do with your physical cash, you keep your Bitcoin in a digital wallet; a Bitcoin wallet. E.g. Jostpay

How do you create a wallet?
You create a wallet by creating an account with a Bitcoin Wallet Platform. Your newly created account will come with a Bitcoin address.

What is a Bitcoin Address?
A bitcoin address is like your bank account number. A typical Bitcoin address include 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3. 

How do you fund your wallet?
You fund your wallet with Bitcoin by providing your Bitcoin address to the funding merchant (Exchange Company) or anyone who wants to deposit Bitcoin into your account.

Where do you spend Bitcoin?
Bitcoin can be spent both online and offline. It can be spent on computers, pizza, event tickets, on anything.

How do you sell or exchange your Bitcoin to local currency cash?
You sell your Bitcoin for local cash through a direct contact, an online exchange service, withdrawing local currency equivalent through a wallet service and through many other ways. Jostpay is an example of an online bitcoin wallet service in Nigeria where you can sell your Bitcoin, receiving local currency cash at the end of the process.

What is Bitcoin Confirmations?
What happens during the Bitcoin mining process is, a new block is produced and added to the Blockchain. Based on the already set bitcoin protocol, the creation and addition of a block takes roughly ten (10) minutes.

What that tells us is, when you send Bitcoin to any wallet, the transaction will remain 'unconfirmed' until the next block is created. Your transaction is included and verified as that block is created.
Therefore, your transaction will have one confirmation. When another block is created, your transaction is reconfirmed by the Bitcoin network.

The miner fee attached to a transaction usually determines the speed of confirmation. There is a recommended miner fee on every Bitcoin transaction. A lower than the recommended fee will make the transaction speed slow.  

What is Unspent Output?

An unspent output, as the term implies, is an output of a bitcoin transaction that is yet to become an input in another bitcoin transaction. 
Output is when someone sends you bitcoin. When this output remains in your account, without reflecting as an input in another bitcoin account, this is referred to as an 'Unspent Output'.   

For example, you receive Bitcoin 10 times into the address XXX. That means you have 10 different transaction input in your account XXX.  Each of that 10 different transaction will have its own different miner fee. The moment you send out bitcoin into another address, the input will be queued as an unspent output until its confirmed into Blockchain. 

It is important to know that high number of output affects miner charges. If you have high number of unspent output, your transaction size will be big and this will make miner charges high.

Can you accept Bitcoin payment on Your E-commerce store?
Yes. You can accept Bitcoin Payment in your E-commerce store by integrating a Bitcoin Payment Gateway. Jostpay offers a Bitcoin payment gateway services to e-commerce sites.  

This article will be updated as we learn of new developments in the digital currency sphere. 

Understanding Bitcoin Confirmations

What happens during the Bitcoin mining process is, a new block is produced and added to the Blockchain. Based on the already set bitcoin protocol, the creation and addition of a block takes roughly ten (10) minutes.

What that tells us is, when you send Bitcoin to any wallet, the transaction will remain 'unconfirmed' until the next block is created. Your transaction is included and verified as that block is created. 

Therefore, your transaction will have one confirmation. When another block is created, your transaction is reconfirmed by the Bitcoin network. 

The miner fee attached to a transaction usually determines the speed of confirmation. There is a recommended miner fee on every Bitcoin transaction. A lower than the recommended fee will make the transaction speed slow. 

ReThink Wire

You're expecting some money from a Family member abroad this Easter?

We have a better and a more friendlier way to receive!

Have your family abroad send you Bitcoin/PM through Jostpay.com and receive Naira equivalent straight into your local bank account in less than 15 minutes!

Yeah, we know right!
With our ever very friendly charge of NGN220 on any transaction, you will be smiling much more
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Jostpay, simply pays!

Jostpay Customer Service Survey

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Step by Step Guide On How To Send

At Jostpay, we are committed in making your transaction processes simple and super-fast. Here is a step by step guide on how to start and smile at the end of every transaction.

We exchange digital currencies such as Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, etc. to local currencies into any local bank account.
Hence, you obtain and send us the digital currency equivalent amount of the local currency you wish to have exchanged in a local bank account.

How do you do that?
Except you mine cypto-currencies, you will have to exchange the local currency (Dollars, Pounds, Euro, etc.) you have at hand to any virtual currency equivalent. It’s easy. Just visit any reliable virtual currencies exchange website. 

Purchase Virtual Currencies at an Exchange site.

Now that you have virtual currencies in your digital wallet; wait, you know you must have a digital wallet right? Just like your fiat currency, which you keep in your wallet, safe or a bank; virtual currencies must also be kept in a safe and secure digital wallet. Luckily for you, one of the services Jostpay offer includes Bitcoin Wallet Service. Opening an account with us comes with a free Bitcoin Wallet.

The next thing to do is create a transfer order on Jostpay. After you log in to your Jostpay account:

Click on ‘Send Money'

To be able to send, you must have added funds to your wallet. On this tab, you will do four things:
  • -          Specify the country you want to send to
  • -          Choose the account you desire to send from
  • -          The amount you intend to send
  • -          Select one of our certified partners

We have made our platform competitive and interactive, as you might see a list of certified partners with different exchange rates, charges, preferred local bank and their time frame for the completion of your transfer order.

 Select A Partner

On selecting a partner, an automated notification will be sent to partner to check and complete your order.

 You Smile

Your smile is part of our process and you smile as your transfer order is completed within the time frame set by the Partner you selected. You smile as you get confirmation from the receiving account.

And that’s the step by step guide on transferring your monetary value to any country through Jostpay.