JostPay Payment Interface

With JostPay payment interface, you can integrate cryptocurrency payment gateway on your website with ease. With this option, you will be able to receive bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash seamlessly with just a single line of code added to your website. The most interesting aspect of this payment gateway is that; your clients do not have to leave your website. It is just the perfect solution you have been waiting for. Read the 'How it Works' section below to learn more.

How it Works

JostPay Popup SCI requires only Jquery Library and a reference to JostPay Payment Interface Jquery Library. The payment function in the library can be called through any click on an html element. The element with the click must have the class 'jppay'.

You must also pass some parameters to the payment function using the data attribute. Check the the parameter table for all required data parameters.

JostPay Payment Interface sends notification in form of email and POST parameters to your provided callback url. Callback response are sent at three (3) separate instances: when an address is generated or an error in generating address, when a payment is received into the address (but yet to be confirmed) and when amount received is confirmed. The callback data attribute must be provided but can be left blank if you do not want a callback. An email is only sent when payment is received (but yet to be confirmed) into a generated account. Check the callbacks section for details on the callback POST fields.

JostPay allows you to receive payments in Naira or cryptocurrency. If you want to receive payment in Naira, you must supply the ngn_amount in your data attribute. This amount is converted to the equivalent cryptocurrency you prefer for payment using our exchange rate.

Once a payment is received and confirmed into an address, it is automatically forwarded to your JostPay primary address less miner charges. If you provide ngn_amount data attribute, it will instead automatically generate a withdrawal request. The amount in Naira less charges (bank charges and miner fee) will be credited to your API bank details. Check the charges details for more details on our deductions.

Note: To receive transfers in Naira, when ngn_amount is provided, you must setup your API bank details in your profile

A full example of the script and callback response are shown in sample script section.

Data Parameters

Attribute Options Info
data-email This is your registered Jostpay email address
data-currency Bitcoin Other options are Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
data-amount 0.05 Amount to receive.
For Bitcoin, amount in BTC (minimum of 0.001 BTC).
For Bitcoin Cash, amount in BCH (minimum of 0.01 BCH).
For Litecoin, amount in LTC (minimum of 0.2 LTC)
data-ngn_amount 25000 Naira value to receive
Minimum amount is 2,000 NGN
Required only for transfers in Naira. You must update API bank details to use this feature.
data-reference referenceno Unique reference number.
data-callback Full callback url. Leave as blank if you do not want a callback


Post Field Options Info
status 0 0 - there is an error in generating address.
1 - an address is successfully generated.
2 - an amount is received in address but not confirmed.
3 - an amount is received and confirmed in address.
4 - an amount not up to expected amount is received
reference reference The unique reference number of the request that you sent
message funds received but not confirmed A details to further explain response. For status 1, the message field will contain the address generated
data-reference referenceno Unique reference number.
data-callback Full callback url. Leave as blank if you do not want a callback


Currency Charges
Bitcoin 0.000030 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 0.000680 BCH
Litecoin 0.003600 LTC
Naira 200 NGN + fee above (depending on the currency selected)

Sample Code

<a href="#" class="jppay" data-email='' data-currency='Litecoin' data-callback='' data-amount="0.2" data-ngn_amount="2000" data-reference="123344354">Pay Now</a> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script>

Sample Response


Important Notice

  • Any address generated/allocated will only be valid for 30 minutes. It is not your permanent address. Therefore, any transfer made into the address after 30 minutes will be forfeited.
  • Any amount sent into address will automatically be forwarded to your primary address in your JostPay account after it has been confirmed and charges deducted.
  • JostPay will not be held responsible for any transaction wrongly carried out as a result of wrong amount received. It is your responsible to ensure that you check the amount transferred against the expected amount.
  • Kindly be informed that cryptocurrency rates fluctuates and JostPay will NOT be responsible for any loss due to rate fluctuations .


We have made your withdrawals easy. You can send bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash or perfect money directly into your Bank account in Nigeria. We accept and credit your bank within minutes, see the banks we support.

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