E-currency to Cash

Exchange digital currency such as perfect money, bitcoin, okpay, payeer and receive cash in any Nigerian Bank account. Digital exchange will be credited instantly to any Bank in Nigeria. No need to call or waste call cards, payment will be transferred in real time to any Bank of your choice. Immediately you make withdrawals on Jostpay website, you will receive payment in your Bank instantly, this service for instant crediting is one of its kind and second to none. Remember, once you get an alert notification, it would be from nobody else but Jostpay, it simply pays.

Send & Receive Bitcoin

When you create an account with jostpay, it comes with a free bitcoin wallet which you can use to receive and send bitcoins. Bitcoin wallet has an address used in sending and receiving payment and you can find the address details on jostpay dashboard when you sign in. With a bitcoin address, you can send and receive bitcoin to/from any part of the world. These are the benefits you stand to get when you sign up with Jostpay, it simply pays.


Third Party website willing to receive payment through debit cards ( mastercard and visa ) and digital currencies such as Perfect money, bitcoin, okpay and payeer are all welcome to use jostpay API/SCI, we have a well structured API documentation for our users. The benefit you stand to get when you integrate jostpay API is that; you do not need to have multiple account created with other digital currency website, jostpay will receive the payment on your behalf and transfer the naira equivalent to your Bank account, you do not need to worry about how to exchange your digital currency, just integrate and generate amazing revenue stream for your business through Jostpay payment receiving API. Talk to your developer today and experience positive difference in sales because Jostpay has a global reach in receiving payment and it simply pays.

Event and Ticketing

We take event manangement and ticketing a step further. Be it parties, shows, cinemas, buffet or any event that requires ticket sales, Jostpay has made this process simpler for event managers all over Nigeria without any state exemptions. Your event will experience a huge traffic when you bring your ticket sales to jostpay.

How it works

As an event manager, you post an event, Jostpay stores the event on your profile and generates e-ticket for anyone that would like to participate in the event. People see your event on Jostpay and they proceed to buy tickets, Jostpay now made it an option for event goers to hire a driver to your event, with this feature, you will experience a huge auto traffic all coming from jostpay.

Lots of people want to come to your event but they do not know how to get there,some people do not have a car to come there, some people are just too lazy to drive there but note that all of the stated categories have their money at hand to purhase the ticket but they have one of the reason above not to come, do not be bothered anymore. With Jostpay, all of this hassle has been resolved, when an event goer purchases an event ticket, there is an option to hire a driver to that event, the driver will pick up the event goer from his/her home at the right time and deliever them to your event.

Note that, as an event manager using jostpay as a ticket sales outlet, you need to have a ticket entry stand for Jostpay so that incoming guest will know where to redeem their tickets on getting to the event venue because every ticket purchased still needs to be redeemed by event manager or any designated staff.

Our Withdrawal charges is reasonable, we charges 220 NGN flat fee for any withdrawal of any amount, and forget any form of story, our withdrawals are instant to any Nigerian bank. For example, if the total ticket redeemed for a particular event is 1,000,000 NGN, if you want to withdraw, the available amount for withdrawal is 1,000,000 - 220 = 999,780. At jostpay, we care more about what pays our clients and that is why Jostpay simply pays for all form of event ticket sales, have it in mind that free event that does not require ticket sales can use jostpay as well.

Give us a trial and let your event experience the true definition of traffic.

Instant Withdrawal

We wouldn't dare delay your payment, your withdrawal is credited to the Bank with immediate effect. Do not be bothered that much, Jostpay has seen the flaws in the digital market regarding payment processing delay and we are happy to inform you that this is not our challenge anymore as it has been resolved. Anytime you make withdrawals on Jostpay, payment will be sent to your Bank account instantly, you do not need to call, just wait for the alert, it will surely come in a giffy because at jostpay, we value our customers and we would not want anything such as withdrawal delay to cause conflict between us, so withdrawals is automated and its instant. Give jostpay a single trial an you will be convinced

Global/Local Payments

Our payment are not restricted to a location, you can receive payment both locally and globally on Jostpay at a very minimal cost. Once you integrate jostpay API on your website, payment comes in from every part of the world, with Jostpay the sky will be your starting point, and sucess all the way. Every transaction of jostpay is very secure, its protected and encrypted with high secured SSL layer, feel free to use jostpay, your funds are secured with us.

Low Fees

We value your business and we want you to make more profit, our fees on jostpay is very reaonable and affordable, for both receiving and withdrawing funds, they are very low, see our fees table below.

Deposit Withdrawal Account creation
Debit Card 1.5% + ₦150 - FREE
Personal 1.5% + ₦150 ₦220 flat fee FREE
Driver -- ₦220 flat fee FREE
Event Manager -- ₦220 flat fee FREE
Bitcoin -- 0 BTC FREE